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Lifestyle for Optimal Health and Longevity

My dear friends:

I have read thousands of books and accumulated many of them in my private library in the prevention and unorthodox treatments of cancer and many other chronic diseases that have not been found a cure by the present conventional medicine.

Some of these books were written by courageous and maverick medical doctors and scientists who had experience in curing cancer with unconventional methods, and their methods were also applicable to the prevention and cure of other chronic metabolic diseases.

In the topic of curing cancer with Chinese qigong, particularly the Guolin Qigong and Zhineng Qigong, I have talked to long-term survivors of Guolin Qigong and Zhineng Qigong in China, I have visited many public parks in China where patients of Guolin Qigong practiced, I have visited the former largest medicine-less hospital in QinHuangDao in China where many cancer patients were cured with Zhineng Qigong.

I even learned these gigongs myself to have a feeling of their effectiveness.

The conclusion of curing cancer and other chronic diseases with detoxification, proper food and exercise, and optimism is based on the thousands of books and articles I have read, and the conclusion is just as good as those publications.

Here are some examples of the books in my private library. One of the most valuable collections not available in Los Angeles area public libraries are the DVD official recordings of various years of annual Cancer Control Conventions in the Labor-Day weekends sponsored by the Concer Control Society in Los Angeles since 1973. The annual Cancer Control Conventions had 4 days of lectures and presentations by medical doctors and professional health scientists, they were recorded on VCR or DVD by the Cancer Control Society. The conventions have been considered as one of the most creditable sources of information on unorthodox cancer treatments.

These are just a portion of the books I have read in the past many decades, I would like to share with you their knowledge and wisdom. Remember that each one of us is unique because of the so-called biochemical individuality emphasized by the famous professor Roger J. Williams of the University of Texas, when we follow the suggestions of these authors we cannot get identical results, each suggestion we follow in the world of food and nutrition is an experiment.