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There is no doubt that both conventional and alternative cancer treatments can cure cancer patients, yet there were patients that couldn't be saved by either one or both of them, and no one has come up yet with a theory and/or an effective treatment of cancer beyond doubt and accepted by all. This website will serve as a reference and will concentrate on the alternative cancer treatments. Patients should not use the information to self-treat their disease.

Patients can consult their conventional oncologist on conventional cancer treatments, however, they are confronted with so many alternative cancer treatments that can confuse them when given up by the conventional medicine. This website will try to present those time-tested alternative treatments that have accumulated many testimonies from the surviving cancer patients. However, it is the responsibility of the patients to search further and be more informed before they make the decision to use the alternative treatments. They should always have an attending physician to treat the disease, whether an orthodox oncologist or an alternative practitioner. It must also be understood that there is biochemical individuality in each patient, treatment that cured the testimonies may not be effective to the patient who wants to try it.


The book "Outsmart Your Cancer: Alternative Non-Toxic Treatments That Work (Second Edition) With CD" by Tanya H. Pierce has the most complete description of Protocel Therapy as well as the testmonials. It is highly recommended that interested cancer patient who read this section purchase a copy, the book is about $20 on Amazon online in 2016. Older edition is much less expensive but also contains theoretical discussion. Protocel therapy is one of the lowest cost in cancer treatmwents, if it works for the patient it will probably be less than $2,000 a year in material cost.